Information for Volunteers in the ESC-Program

• (EN) Information for ESC-Volunteers •

In the Moment, there a lot of changes in public life regulations in Austria, as well as in other countries.
How does it affect your project?
  • Firstly, we react according to government decisions. As public events, schools, etc. are closed, we deal with that such as any other institution. Please follow recommendations of authorities in Austria and/or in your home country.
  • Secondly, trainings are at the moment cancelled. You will be notified about changes by the national agency.
  • Thirdly: Should I stay or should I go?
    • If you want to stay during following weeks, please adapt your activities plan with a responsible person: what activities could be still done, are you able to work from home, and how it will be monitored, etc. In this case, you and your hosting organisation can be creative and think of any ways to make this time worthwhile. Also, you could think about working on your Youthpass, writing a blog, preparing some materials for the next activities, and so on… Please inform me, what kind of solutions you found!
    • If you want to leave and comeback: talk about this to your hosting organisation, arrange your departure and inform me via e-mail about it. Please keep your bills and tickets, because we still need to document it. Then I will inform the national agency about these changes, and they will notify me, if the project will be financed during your leave. Please have in mind, that a project takes place in Austria, so legally you are not allowed to have home-office and working hours from your home country.
    • If you want to end your project: please inform your hosting and sending organisations, and me as well. Inform about your departure date and send me original tickets and bills of your journey. In case we don’t meet, we will arrange an evaluation interview via WhatsApp/Skype.

Long Form-Information

In general, volunteers and organizations should follow the advice and recommendations of the local/national authorities and pay attention to travel warnings of the BMEIA (Foreign Ministery) and their country of origin.
The “Force Majeure”-clause allows the national agency to cancel, pause or postpone projects, if they want to. In any case, please always contact the funding national agency.
For projects funded in Austria, it is important that these cases are documented, and that this documentation is kept so that there is a basis for approval. The following forms and documents are needed for documentation:

  • Correspondence with the volunteers and the sending/receiving organizations
  • Keep tickets/bills/boarding passes
  • Change forms with the information that the project will be interrupted/cancelled due to the current situation/force majeure. Not every change has to be communicated to us: if a project starts later and continues to be carried out entirely in the intended project period, you do not have to send a change form.
The total promised total funding cannot be increased and only actual costs such as travel costs, daily allowances and pocket money for the actual duration of use can be claimed.
The project duration can be extended by 12 months if necessary (maximum project duration is 36 months) - please also make a written request.
Please consider that this is a general information. The individual financing situation will be assessed on a case by case basis. Project locations in Austria that are closed due to an official order, that prevent or complicate the presence of volunteers (like a school closure) and whose volunteers in Austria wait for the situation can continue as normal and are billed according to the actual duration.
It is also possible for volunteers (in consultation with the host organizations) to do meaningful tasks from home.
Leaving Austria
As soon as volunteers want to leave Austria (temporarily), the situation is different again - please contact us, decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.
For the latest information and travel warnings, please refer to the websites of the relevant federal ministries:
The midterm-meeting from 16.-19. March has already been cancelled and all volunteers are informed - further decisions will be made by the end of next week at the latest. In the following we pass on information about COVID-19 and youth work that we received from the BJV.
Information (German):
We are here to answer any further questions!
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